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You’ll start your journey through the  POWERBUILDING  Summer Leadership Conference—a monthly summer experience designed to bring out your inner girl power.

Powerbuilding confereces


The Girls of Leadership's Power-Building Summer conference is designed for girls ages 6-11 and it is packed with an exciting experiential learning curriculum.   More time at Girls of Leadership  means more time to  create, grow, and learn!


Every girl is unique.  For some, are social butterfly; and for others it may take a couple of days to warm up.  Our low staff-to girl ratio allows us to get to know each girl for who they are and allow girls to become open and free to express their uniqueness.  Our workshops are full, interactive, and provide girls with a true sense of self and leadership.  Girls will not only be able to experience new creative ideas but they will also be able to experience ways to help others.  Our workshops are all inclusive with exercise, creative learning, leadership development, and fun projects all specialized within weekly themes.


So, what does our Power-Building Leadership Conference look like?  Girls will be able to attend monthly summer conferences that includes:The PrintShop, Girls Can Lead, and Me+1. 


The workshops include: entrepreneurship  projects, creative expression projects, performing arts, sports, science, sewing and cooking.  Girls will also develop a greater appreciation of your own leadership skills and the issues affecting her community.


Program fees for The Power-Building Summer Leadership Conference  are based on the annual household income of the student. Please note that this payment is a fee for the program and is not tax deductible.  We are committed to keeping costs as low as possible, and your cost to participate is based on an annual sliding scale fee to offset program costs. 




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