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Girls of Leadership sparks creativity, build leaders, and ignites change.


Girls of Leadership inspire girls to become courageous so she can influence positive change within the community.

At girls of Leadership

At the heart of everything we do is impactful- Our programs impact girls in numerous ways and as a result, girls are able to bring positive change and growth into their communities to advance positive self-awareness.  Through our programs, girls are able to play a positive role in re-directing negative perceptions while providing a voice for other girls who live in their communities, the nation and the world.


Passionate volunteers from our board members, talented facilitators, summer staff, and community parents are determined to help girls find their true potential by helping girls understand that they are capable of greatness. There is a formula to Girls of Leadership: take a girl, give her compassion, positive experiences, a vote of confidence, set high expectations and you get a remarkable girl whose trajectory is utterly limitless. Girls of Leadership: Growing brilliant and brave leaders for tomorrow.

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