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The PrintShop is all things creative and educational. 
When girls participate in the Print-Shop program, they will be able to explore their creativity while taking ownership of:
  • Literacy Motivation through the Read-n-ready Phonics program

  • Entrepreneurship:  writing and publishing her own story 

  • Discovering personal strengths

  • Exploring their artistic abilities

Girls can lead
The Leadership program is designed to help girls focus on:
  • Girls Addressing Problems
  • re-shaping perceptions
  • addresses confidence
  • voice/assertion
  • decision making/action
  • social barriers
  • teambuilding

Girls of Leadership's approach goes beyond positive self-esteem reinforcement. 

Girls of Leadership's approach is creative, educational, and impactful. 

The Community development program is designed to help girls find their place of service in the community while connecting with those who are different from them.  Some projects may include:
  • caring for animals
  • promoting peace
  • Caring for the environment
Community development is inspired and prompted solely by the girl with the intent of creating community change.
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